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Odds and Ends No. 75

what is it about a hot cup of tea in the afternoon when all seems lost earlier today I was so very tired that I couldn’t chew the gum on my desk I mean I don’t chew a lot of gum by any means but I couldn’t she on the […]

Odds and Ends No. 71

The cold I thought went away returned taking my appetite, taste buds, and my head prisoner. That made it coffee for her and hot sweet milky tea for me first thing. All I could manage was tasteless toast and a piece of rubber cheese. I foolishly dressed for an outside […]

Styrofoam Memories

it was after my first cup of tea but well before I was thinking of a second that the thick morning fog was in full but slow retreat much like my thoughts this morning as I pondered the day ahead I felt chilled even though it is hot and humid […]

Light and Shadows

It is the time of day when the sun plays its game of light and shadows. Wind is only visible high on the palms. I remain unseen as a few dog walkers stroll past as I take an early dinner and linger over hot tea. Reading about Bonhoeffer is more […]

Flashlight Giggles

A blustery sky muscled in on my sunny day. And storm clouds darkened the afternoon so much so, that I put on a sweater that had some dust on the collar from hanging next to two other sweaters and an old khaki vest I forgot I still had. Well, let’s see! I wore it the last time I took […]

Lunch in Kraków

Only the cup of hot tea remained after a simple meal of two sausages, sauerkraut, with mustard and a piece of farmer’s bread. I sat where I normally sit. Alone at the end of the kitchen table. As I ate, I was flipping pages reading about Moses, Joshua, Philip, and Paul, […]