Light and Shadows

It is the time of day when the sun plays
its game of light and shadows.

Wind is only visible high on the palms.
I remain unseen as a few dog walkers
stroll past as I take an early dinner

and linger over hot tea. Reading about
Bonhoeffer is more profound than
anything I can see from my window or

read in the news. What he missed in the
Barcelona of 1928, I miss here and now,
but I have to let that go.

For it was in 1924 on Palm Sunday as he
sat in church in Rome that a question
formed in the back of his mind.

If he only knew that I have asked the
very same question for at least a decade
on my journey that remains unclear.

“What is the Church?”

Bonhoeffer’s voice still speaks. Oh that
he could have been my dinner companion
then as now!

It is the time of day when the sun plays
its game of light and shadows.


Flashlight Giggles

A blustery sky muscled in on
my sunny day. And storm clouds
darkened the afternoon so

much so, that I put on a sweater
that had some dust on the collar
from hanging next to two other

sweaters and an old khaki vest
I forgot I still had. Well, let’s
see! I wore it the last time I

took the girls camping and
made them pancakes. Doesn’t

seem like twenty plus years
ago. Could be more. The hot
tea took away the morning

chill for me then and now as
I watch the stealth of night
swallow up the stormy sky.

I made sure I didn’t fall asleep
until I didn’t hear anymore
laughter coming from the girls

tent. The camp grounds were
getting dark. A few fires here
and there. And there were

Christmas lights blinking on
and off strung loosely around
a camper on the back of an

old Dodge pickup across from
us. Wipe the smile off your
face—it was June. Justice takes

many forms. And can be swift.
The Dodge had a pull out
awning with a table under it.

And a trash can next to it. The
silly lights blinked and I finally
fell asleep. There was a loud

crash. Then, I heard the girls
scream. It was a raccoon attack.
First, the table and trash can;

then, the Dodge. String lights
out. Dodge headlights on. Sure
was dark when they pulled out.

Justice. Flashlight giggles gave
way to sleep. The sun took its
time breaking through the

trees. Pancakes with M&Ms
were probably forgotten, but
not the attack of the raccoons.

I smiled, took my last two sips
of tea, and was glad that I
kept the vest. Still could storm.

Lunch in Kraków

Only the cup of hot tea remained
after a simple meal of two sausages,
sauerkraut, with mustard and a

piece of farmer’s bread. I sat where
I normally sit. Alone at the end of
the kitchen table. As I ate, I was

flipping pages reading about
Moses, Joshua, Philip, and Paul,
which reminded me of meditation

earlier today that took me to a city
I’d never seen filled with beautiful
churches and old world charm.

This amazing city beckoned me as
did my last few sips of tea. When I
spoke, they understood; when they

spoke, I understood. I felt like I was
dressed simply in black and white.
As I drank my tea here, it felt like

I was there admiring St. Mary’s
Church and watching people as they
walked about the square. I took a

last sip and stood up to clear the
table, shaking my head wondering
who would believe such a story?

I lunched in Kraków from here.

Odds and Ends No. 61

My stomach made it clear from the get go
today that it would be a hot tea day. Sweet
with creamer, no milk; food to the light

and non-spicy side. So far so good. Having
spent most of the afternoon working on
my Vietnam book, my eyes need a break

and another cup of tea sounds great. (Be
back in a few…) Progress on the book is
slow, but it is really starting to look and

read like a real good book. Why am I here
today? Good question. After a few haiku in
a row, I thought it best to talk about other

stuff. I was supposed to go in to get a flu
shot today, but they ran out of vaccine, so
I rescheduled for next week. (I said I’d be

back, but I didn’t go make the tea yet. Now
is good.) Brewing as we speak! Sometimes,
I don’t want strong; this is one of those

times. Lipton for four minutes works for me
today. I love powdered creamer in hot tea;
more so than in coffee. It takes less for tea.

Dinner will be light, so maybe a cookie or
two (or three) will go nicely. I’m sitting here
nodding my approval as I think I deserve

a treat today. (First treat all week.) If you
aren’t nice to yourself, you won’t be nice
to anyone else, don’t you know. Lovely cup

of tea. Crunched the three cookies but I’m
only down a third in the mug. Not a problem.
Sipping and day dreaming is good. So, as I

sit here, I’m wondering if I’ll ever get to
walk El Camino de Santiago, or if I’ll ever
be able to visit or move to Israel. Fact is I

have a history of my dreams and reality not
matching up. That is okay. I’m thankful for
the things I got to do. I’m not going to

regret the things I didn’t get to do or the
things I failed at. I look forward to what
lies beyond this lovely cup of tea.