On My Eyelids

I missed you so
I couldn’t wait
another second

I had to text you
but you beat me
to it by a finger

touch by texting
woke up with
you on my eyelids

(so loving, so sweet)

that confirmed
what we both were
thinking and feeling

at the same time
though thousands
of light years apart

well, a slight
exaggeration to note
how uncanny it is

that we both missed
each other and
wanted each other

to the nth degree at
the same time while
so very far apart

yet our hearts and
minds were in
perfect alignment


so my dearest don’t
be surprised when I
tell you

I’m going to sleep
with you in my heart
on my mind and

on my eyelids

Cloudy with a Chance of Tacos

My text: Heavy rain and lunch here
Her text: Cloudy with a chance of tacos here

We texted on and off through lunch. Me at
work; she at home. Great line, my dear.

Shifts in the weather prompted more
texting, more emoticons, more expressions
of love as tidbits of electronic verbal intimacy.

Closer in text than in person these days.
Both of us are exhausted; taking a pounding
from life and anything else I can think of.

We are more than our texts! But she was
more clever and loving than we both knew.
It is cloudy with a chance of tacos.