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Than Writing

I haven’t written for five days as life got in the way but as I sat down to write I was reminded everything that has happened in the interim was far more important than anything I’d think or write because every moment with my wife, in our home, at church has […]

Just You

too many transitions too many thoughts too many memories I had to give myself permission to do very little today I sat there lamenting this and that I sat there thinking I have hope in God I hope my books will do well someday the ones I’ve written and hope […]

Only More

what if I could write poetry to you and little else what if texting was illegal with fines and stuff what if cell phones and all electronics were defunct what if I was here and you were there was permanent what if I jotted down another zillion more deterrents my […]

Comic Books to Codebooks

Did you ever notice that when you are looking all over the place for something, you find something else you weren’t looking for? I found a brand new deck of cards in the bathroom closet. What for? Spider solitaire on my phone is one thing, but playing cards? As I made a poor attempt to […]

Light and Shadows

It is the time of day when the sun plays its game of light and shadows. Wind is only visible high on the palms. I remain unseen as a few dog walkers stroll past as I take an early dinner and linger over hot tea. Reading about Bonhoeffer is more […]