Just You

too many

too many

too many

I had to give

to do very
little today

I sat there
this and that

I sat there

I have hope
in God

I hope my
books will
do well

the ones
I’ve written
and hope to

our brief
flurry of texts
reminded me

how sweet
how special
it is to be
loved by you

wanting you

loving you

that’s enough
for me

just you

Only More

what if I could write poetry
to you and little else

what if texting was illegal
with fines and stuff

what if cell phones and
all electronics were defunct

what if I was here and you
were there was permanent

what if I jotted down another
zillion more deterrents

my resolve to know you would
only grow until I was no more

my resolve to love you could
never be less only more

Comic Books to Codebooks

Did you ever notice that when
you are looking all over the place
for something, you find something
else you weren’t looking for?

I found a brand new deck of cards
in the bathroom closet. What for?
Spider solitaire on my phone is one
thing, but playing cards?

As I made a poor attempt to shuffle,
I realized that I’m just as bad at cards
now as I was in the nineteen seventies.
My brain doesn’t think cards. Period.

War and Go Fish came to mind. If you
had kids in the previous century you
know what I’m talking about here.
Does anyone play cards anymore?

My parent’s generation played cards
or mahjong every week it seems.
Things change. But do we change?
I’ve never been a card player.

A few games of Gin Rummy a few
times a decade was my limit.
No interest in casinos or gambling.
Life is gamble enough for me.

I remembered an earlier, different
time. Whenever we deployed on
an exercise, Sergeant K would
pull out his favorite board game

in the dead of night somewhere
in the woods in Germany to pass
the time in our operations van
waiting for inspectors to show.

I guess I could have said that
without using “in” a million times;
but, I’m not going to change it.
Some things you don’t change.

Can you imagine? Sitting there
responsible for tactical nuclear
release and playing “Risk: The
Game of Global Domination.”

1970s. No smartphones, no PCs.
Books, games, and cards were
about it when you were deployed.
Looking back, I’m not convinced

that technology has done anything
to improve who we are and how
we act human to human. It seems
to me that life then and now could

go from comic books to codebooks
in a heartbeat. Maybe not so bad.
Certainly not as bad as watching
“Dallas” reruns in German.



Light and Shadows

It is the time of day when the sun plays
its game of light and shadows.

Wind is only visible high on the palms.
I remain unseen as a few dog walkers
stroll past as I take an early dinner

and linger over hot tea. Reading about
Bonhoeffer is more profound than
anything I can see from my window or

read in the news. What he missed in the
Barcelona of 1928, I miss here and now,
but I have to let that go.

For it was in 1924 on Palm Sunday as he
sat in church in Rome that a question
formed in the back of his mind.

If he only knew that I have asked the
very same question for at least a decade
on my journey that remains unclear.

“What is the Church?”

Bonhoeffer’s voice still speaks. Oh that
he could have been my dinner companion
then as now!

It is the time of day when the sun plays
its game of light and shadows.