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Because We Are Living It

I’m less than halfway through “Bonhoeffer” by Eric Metaxas. I may have started reading this book a year ago or so! I don’t get to read at lunch as much as I used to when I lived in Arizona. These days, when I read this book I must confess and […]

On Healing and the Church 2.19

I haven’t stopped thinking about the topic of healing since my earlier post. My mind has been racing about this all morning. So much so that I had to start typing before making coffee. Oops. She fell back asleep after I told her I’d awaken her after I make coffee. […]


once again imagination and reason intellect and knowledge fail me I long to use the word discernment but it is only letters on a page a big word that points to my longings my hopes and dreams yet to come and confirms that only faith and waiting will do until […]

My Road

life is pulling me down a road I don’t know or do I if it is the same road as before I believe I missed my turn or if it is a new road I’m too weary to tell is that the wind no it is the sound of my […]

Beyond Beyond

I got half way through The Last Jedi and hit the pause button I’ve gotten older not necessarily smarter but today I did it I bought the first decaf I’ve ever bought except by accident drinking my second cup now as its going on eight and your day ending you […]

Light and Shadows

It is the time of day when the sun plays its game of light and shadows. Wind is only visible high on the palms. I remain unseen as a few dog walkers stroll past as I take an early dinner and linger over hot tea. Reading about Bonhoeffer is more […]

But Not Hope

It didn’t bother me that after my return to hiking I was being passed by men, women, children, beasts, and insects. I hadn’t hiked this mountain trail since summer last year. After I returned there a few days in a row, it was clear my brain got ahead of my […]

Thus Far

It has been seven years since I moved to Arizona—seven difficult and challenging years. Please don’t misunderstand me, there have been many good things and blessings. But overall, very trying. But this year as it turns out has been the worst. With that in mind I’ll spare you the details […]

Not in Science

I didn’t show any interest until about an hour or so before the event. My interest increased when I walked outside. The morning air was still. No birds. Not a leaf on a tree shook. There was hushed expectation from all of God’s creation. Except for humans. The experts explained the coming […]