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Styrofoam Memories

it was after my first cup of tea but well before I was thinking of a second that the thick morning fog was in full but slow retreat much like my thoughts this morning as I pondered the day ahead I felt chilled even though it is hot and humid […]

Comic Books to Codebooks

Did you ever notice that when you are looking all over the place for something, you find something else you weren’t looking for? I found a brand new deck of cards in the bathroom closet. What for? Spider solitaire on my phone is one thing, but playing cards? As I made a poor attempt to […]

Odds and Ends No. 43 (Part 2)

I’ve had the same server for over six years except for today. I couldn’t help notice that Fong sneezed a lot. (Not good for me and my not so immune system.) I noticed that I was the third customer of the day. Not surprised. I walked in soon after they […]

Odds and Ends No. 39

I was hoping for a haiku today, but my life and the chaos whirling around me is bigger than a haiku. The forecast for today was strong winds and clouds of electronic chaos dissipating in the late afternoon. She wanted Office back. After getting her set up, I realized I wanted to stay […]

Odds and Ends No. 15

How could I forget? I was sitting at our auto repair shop waiting for them to finish an oil change on her old Mazda Millenia. I was sipping my second cup of coffee for the day. They have a Keurig maker. All of these gizmos should come with an air […]

Odds and Ends No. 11

Where did Monday go? My last journal entry was mid-day on Sunday. I copied and pasted the heading and automatically changed it to the next day, Monday. But it isn’t Monday; it is Tuesday. What is up with this? It is coming to me now. How different it was way […]

Have I said this before?

Have I said this before? “I’ve forgotten more than most people remember.” Therefore, it is time critical that I write a new book. I decided to continue my writing dream with a book, an historical fiction. Today, I started a new book about my Vietnam War and US Army memories, […]