There and Then

I walked straight into a dust
storm ten minutes out and
walked back and that was it

my gear and I were covered
with grit so a shower before
dinner was in order then I had

a sandwich and a jigger of
scotch to watch Endeavor by
my adventure didn’t end there

One Endeavor and one scotch
was my limit so I worked on
my writing notes stuff until I

started to think about you
I was reading notes about
first century Rome and Judea

and the like when I realized that
if we were alive then nothing
would have changed

I would have still been looking
for you and waiting for you to
arrive on the next camel

(gotcha dearest read on when
you stop

I would have loved you just as
I do now and missed you the
same wanted you the same

only I would have loved you in
the there and then just like I
love you in the here and now

camels or no camels it still
adds up to always

Seems Like Mars

if it was morning
I’d say something
like this is the

last thing I did
before I went to
bed last night

but I can’t why
because I’m
still up closing

in on midnight
while you are
sawing logs

a few hours
from first light
but I had to

tell you I love
you one more
time today

which if you
could hear me
counts for the

first I love you
for tomorrow

but you can’t
hear me
I’m here

you’re there

by the way
choir practice
was a whopper

can you hit a
high G he
asked me

I leaned into
the mic and
said I have

no idea
I hit

all the while
my thoughts
ran the gamut

from Frankie
Valli to you
sound asleep

anyway here is
another I love
you from what

seems like Mars


Nothing Else

today might be described
as brain weary drink a lot
of water day

I’ve gotten half of things
half done and the other
half not done at all

my focus was gone
earlier and now the
day is gone

as I sit here recovering
from a few days of
high activity

and my massage today
I noticed some oil
still on my arms

immediately I thought
of you and that it is
your touch I long for

nothing else


If you get goosebumps
texting, then you are
in love. If you don’t,
you’re not.

In the midst of
goosebumps the poet
in her texted,

“We are special together
even apart… you are
loving me poem
by poem.”

Speechless, her loving
words elicited an emoji
response; it was all I
could do.

I’ve not known love like
this! The day progressed.
Mail to check. Laundry
to do.

I turned the key, bent down
to take a look expecting
the usual grocery flyer.
What’s this? A box.

No junk mail. A love box!
My heart leaped. She’s
touched me again,

“Because some love
defies explanation…”

You know us when I feel
like I don’t know anything.
It may be a day-by-day love,
but it is filled with the

impossible; a love so sweet
that it encompasses us
like the shape of water.

If you get goosebumps
texting, then you are
in love. If you don’t,
you’re not.