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And Time

in between storms the trees bend and sway the howl of the wind is more than that it is like the rush of a subway express train passing through a station in a moment stirring the air and shaking my diaphragm shattering my thoughts I walked back up the gravel and […]

The Season is Changing

I thought I’d write about sea gulls because I had nothing to say. But I know nothing about sea gulls. How about the wind? So, I looked out my window. The branches were blowing back and forth in the cooling desert air. Like me. I speak; no one hears. I […]

New Desert Song

We loved it there before the wind changed and the air got stale. Is our future in the sounds of the desert instead of the noise of the midwest? Will the plastic owl hold off the woodpecker I hear on a neighbor’s house? Our time had come. The autumns we […]