Odds and Ends No. 66

Waking in winter isn’t the same as
waking in the desert heat. Not cold
enough to turn on the heat.

Still too warm to wear layers like I
did in Indiana. In the winters here,
I transform into the tin man from

“The Wizard of Oz” sans oil can.
When I awake, I creak, I yawn, I
stretch, I ache, I squeak; I speak

like a seventy-eight on thirty-
three and a third. (If you don’t
remember vinyl records and

record players, you won’t get
that, e.g., normal speech at a
slower speed.) On the other hand,

if you laughed at that analogy,
you need to see a good Internist
like I do, whether you need one

or not. “Doc, why do I have such
and such?” I pay them to reply,
“You’re old.” (Reader, your time

will come!) Don’t worry. “Time
is on My Side” may have been a
cool song in its day; it just isn’t

true. Time is not on our side.
It was paperwork day today. Got
a mountain done. Writing wise,

I have a win-win of sorts. You
see I did NaNoWriMo for the
first time this year, which ended

on eleven thirty. I went into it
with half of my Vietnam book
written. And just over midway

through NaNo, I finished the
book. A win, sort of. I still had
to write about two thousand

words a day for about ten days
or so. Now what? I spent a few
days doing more thinking than

writing. My word count fell
drastically! The tin man was
critically wounded for the

fifty thousand word NaNo win.
But. Here is the but. I finished
the book I started. And (should

be in caps). AND, I started a
new book; a detective novel
circa 1940 in NYC. So, I didn’t

make the word count, but it
was a win-win if you ask me.
(Thanks, NaNoWriMo.)

As I sit here looking out my
window, it is dark. I turned on
the yellow pair of garage lights.

I should hear the sound of the
garage door going up shortly,
then I can start on dinner.

Meanwhile, in the days ahead
I’m in edit mode, finalizing my
book and selecting photos for

it. Then, publish a another
poetry book. Then, I’ll take a
closer look at Detective Sidney

James and his 1934 Buick
fighting crime in the winter of
1940 in NYC. Christmas is on

the way. Makes me think. A good
time of year to reflect about what
is on your side. It isn’t time; we’ve

already covered that. Christmas.
Hanukkah. What comes to mind?
Tis the season to be jolly and

remember, God is on your side.

Odds and Ends No. 65

Hard to believe but I think I’m out of
words for today. Almost. Got my
haiku for after this, too. Why so late,

you ask? Because of NaNoWriMo,
that’s why. Every November 1. But
this is my first one. Wrote up a

storm on my novel today! Then ran
to the grocery store, ran back. Well,
drove, not literally ran. Nuked two

sausages. Put them on the last slice
of the old loaf, and one of the new.
A slice of cheese. Yellow mustard.

I need to be more specific here
because in my mind, a French’s
mustard engineer did a smart

thing. You know how you take the
mustard out of the fridge. You
shake it, open the cap, turn it

over, and aim for the roll (or hot
dog, or bread, etc.) And what
usually happens? Some of the

mustard hits the target; more
hits the cap. Messy mustard cap
has been conquered. I noticed

there was an extra thingamajig
near the cap. I pushed the cap
all the way back and heard a

click. Holy smokes! The cap
locked in place so there is no
mustard on the cap and you

don’t miss the target. This is
no small thing. An engineer’s
mind did this. I couldn’t. Then,

you simply close the cap. Done.
I know what you are thinking.
You’ve known that for years and

I’m a dummy. Not so. You see,
I normally use spicy brown
because I’m from the East Coast.

Time to stop. Need to save up
some words for Day 2 of NaMo.
What a writing adventure! I

may finish my book by the end
of this year. Check it out, then
you could be a WriMo on

National (Na)
Novel (No)
Writing (Wri)
Month (Mo).

I’ll post a haiku, then to bed.